KliptOut Goes to MeltDown

Hey Ho…. So recently KliptOut members have been attending MeltDown Sheffield which is a Esports Gaming Bar situated in the City of Sheffield in the UK. They have a bunch of consoles and 6 PC’s that are free to use when you buy a drink. The pc’s seem to run whatever is thrown at them

They Run various events and tournaments weekly, which include League of Legends, Overwatch, Supersmash Bro’s and even a quiz night plus more.
On these nights they have themed cocktails and Shots to buy on the specific nights.

We have to say that we love the atmosphere there and would definitely recommend going down and checking it out, the staff are a lovely bunch that seem to really care about the experience their customers have.

All in all its a really great place and we have been enjoying it there now for a while…..

Here are some of their socials